What We Do

Edmisten & Webb Law specializes in government relations and litigation.

Our firm handles a wide variety of issues with great success in every venue throughout North Carolina.  From the legislature and executive branches to individual state agencies, Edmisten & Webb Law has the experience and the savvy to ensure positive results.

We have worked with clients in the fields of healthcare, information technology, law enforcement, finance, education, consumer protection, tax, real estate and environment, to name a few.  Our relationships with businesses, interest groups and media outlets have proven extremely helpful to our clients by increasing their local visibility, providing valuable contacts and tailoring their message to create a positive public image.

North Carolina Legislative Building

We represent clients at national conferences and events for organizations such as the National Association of Attorneys General, the National Association of Secretaries of State, the National Conference of State Legislators, the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Southern Legislative Conference.  As these groups become more important in shaping policy we are present to report back on trends and provide our clients with an idea of what to expect in the upcoming session and beyond.

Edmisten & Webb Law is also one of only a few firms in North Carolina that have a long standing reputation in the field of procurement.  Regardless of the state agency we have the relationships to ensure a level playing field in a bidding process and the information you need to make the best impression possible. 

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